SMESH install fails

Dear Community,

I’m building SMESH module from the sources following How to build Shaper in Window 11 - #2 by NabilG guidance, and everything is good until the installation procedure. It fails due to “SMESH/src/Tools/Verima/Doc/docutils” is missing and, consequently, cannot be copied by cmake install command.

Could you please hint me what I miss?

We need some additional information here about release in use, etc.

Please upload error message if any (you can for instance upload files created in directory SALOME-9.12.0\LOGS\SMESH (three files: cmake, make and makeinstall)

Note that you can switch off documentation generation, by setting SALOME_BUILD_DOC to OFF in the SAT_SALOME\products\SMESH.pyconf file, namely, in section default_win, update field cmake_options by adding : -DSALOME_BUILD_DOC=OFF.




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cmake.txt (21.3 KB)
make.txt (109.6 KB)
makeinstall.txt (224.5 KB)

Hey NabilG,

I tried SALOME v9.11.0 Release, but anyway I attach the files you mentioned here.

Meanwhile, thanks for hinting me about switching OFF documentation generation, I’ll follow your advice.

from your log file, it seems that you’ve installed SALOME in a directory which is sadly too long.

You will experience issues about PATH environment variable length.

Thus, instead of:


try installing SALOME and redo what you did in a directory which is shorter, e.g.


Hey @NabilG, thank you for your recommendation, but do you mean that if I move the project to a shorter path, this will solve an issue with missing doc files, or is it a general recommendation to avoid other possible issues?

You will hit the Windows variable length limitation (8092 characters) at compilation and run time.

If you managed to compile SMESH, simply move SALOME to a directory which absolute path is short enough, e.g. C:\S

Yes, after disabling documentation, SMESH installed with no errors.

Ok, I’ll move SALOME to a shorter path just in case. Thank you again!