Large offset when selecting objects


Does anyone know what could be causing this large offset when selecting objects on one of my computers? In the figure below, I was moving the mouse slowly to the left, from the far right margin, and stopped exactly when the plane was selected.

You can imagine this makes the GUI quite unusable on this computer. I’m at my wit’s end.

I think some people reported issues with High Resolution screens.
Is it your case? what is your resolution and which OS are you working on.


I have already replied via e-mail, before realizing the correct place to answer would be here.
I tried the latest version of Salomè 9.11.0, on three different computers.

  1. Full HD Laptop running KDE Neon (in the e-mail I said this was Ubuntu 22.04, I actually don’t know what is the base version of the latest KDE Neon) using a Radeon 5500 CPU with integrated graphics. This system has the offset problem;
  2. 4K Display desktop running Ubuntu 20.04 with a Radeon 5500XT GPU. It also has the offset problem;
  3. Widescreen 2560x1080 desktop running Ubuntu 22.04 with a NVIDIA 1060 GPU. Does not have the offset problem. Works beautifuly.

I’m leaning towards blaming something in the Radeon graphics stack. I’ll see if I can get the amdgpu pro drivers installed in one of the problematic systems to check for a difference.

I’ve upgraded the 4K desktop machine to the latest amdgpu-pro drivers and the problem persists.

I removed the amdgpu-pro drivers from the 4k machine and installed the open-source drivers. The problem persists. Perhaps it’s got something to do with Mesa?