Display issues Salome 9.12

me again… sorry for the number of posts.
following the indications in tuxedOS 2 issues I have succesfully made salome work. nevertheless I am still having some issues:

  1. the ‘cursor’ or ‘mouse’ has an offset in OCC scene (in geom and also in shaper) (see video)
  2. the most troublesome, the vtk viewer fails to show a mesh. sometimes it shows for a second, other times if I switch between geom and go back to vtk viewer and then to mesh it goes back ok. also when I click in the ‘black baground’ of the viewer my mouse cursor is moved to the up left corner (see in the vide) (also the black color was me that changed in preferences.
  3. the features in shaper are completely broken from the point of view of the view/usability (see screenshot)

here is the screenrecord FileSender

I am using tuxedOs 2 with kde 5.27.10, with a screen with a native resolution of 2256 by 1504. with a global scale of 150% and an AMD cpu/gpu AMD Ryzen 7 7840U w/ Radeon 780M Graphics.
I have tested with the 9.12:

  • ubuntu version: the issues 1,2 and 3 happends (using ./salome and ./mesa_salome)
  • universal linux version: the issues 1 and 2 happends (./salome does not run, and ./mesa_salome yes)

I suspect that it is an issue regarding the CPU/GPU as I have a second PC with intel CPU and nvidia GPU and I am not having the 1. and 2. issues (3. only in the ubuntu version)
it looks like with the universal linux I have less issues but as mentionned here tuxedOS 2 issues it does find a library in my system and therefore the explode and 3D sketch function do not work (I am getting the error “GUI library corresponding to the user action can not be found or loaded”).
best regards
PS: in the forum I only have found this two posts (one related to offset of the mouse and the other for display issues) which did not helped:

@NabilG by any chance would it be possible to check this out? I am developing a code that involves mesh section, and I can not display my mesh or number of nodes…

Hi Franco,

issues in SHAPER’s features input widgets can be solved as described in the release notes (last page):

On Fedora 32 and 34 platforms, users can experience issue displaying SALOME icons. The issue can be resolved as follows:

dnf install qt5ct

Then, in qt5ct interface, choose “Fusion” instead of “Adwaita” or “Breeze” that are causing some issues.


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Thank you a lot Christophe, I will have look this afternoon, didn’t gave too much attention as I am in a Ubuntu based system so didn’t though something for fedora would work.
Have a great day