Issue building Salome 9.10 GUI on Windows 10

I use sat to build GUI and sat reports KO,I don’t know what is the problem.
This is what I did.

Here is the log,I can’t find any errors but sat reports KO.
GUI_Log.tar.gz (353.3 KB)
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

texlive is missing to build the documentation as reported in the LOGS\GUI\makeinstall file.
Two solutions here:

  • switch off documentation generation. To do this, simply edit SAT_SALOME\products\GUI.pyconf and add to the cmake options -DSALOME_BUILD_DOC=OFF
  • install texlive which is available at this link: texlive and expand PATH, such that command: where latex returns the path to latex.exe.


Thank you NabilG for suggestions, I will try.

I add -DSALOME_BUILD_DOC=OFF to the SAT_SALOME\products\GUI.pyconf and it works.Thank you NabilG, appreciate.

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