Install Salome 9.12.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 using Mac Parallels desktop

Hello, I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 in Parallels Desktop for Mac, and I want to now install Salome 9.12.0. I have downloaded the tar.gz file, and unzipped it, but it is currently a subdirectory of my Downloads directory. Where should it be unzipped to / how do I install it? I can’t seem to find a n00b guide to installing this version.

I am not familiar with Mac Parallels desktop, but if I get it right it’s some kind of VM on which you’re running another OS, here Linux.
In this case, once you extracted the archive, you need to check the system dependencies. To do this, in SALOME-9.12.0-native-UB22.04-SRC directory, run:

./sat/sat config SALOME-9.12.0-native --check_system

this command line will return the list of missing system prerequisites that need to be installed with the apt tool.

You can in addition, have a look at this thread SF-1102 if you’re not familiar with Linux.

Note that if you experience issues with standard SALOME launcher (salome), you can try mesa_salome instead and report issues if any.

OK - Firstly, thanks for your time in providing some suggestions to assist.

I am glad to report that running the system check, I have all the dependencies correctly installed, I had already performed that step earlier in the day.

But the ./mesa_salome option worked perfectly. Thanks for suggesting that.