Failed to build SMESH on windows: Could NOT find SIP

Dear community,

I tried building SMESH on Windows 10 following, and it failed during CONFIGURE.

F:\Salome_build>SALOME-9.12.0\W64\Python\python.exe SAT\sat compile SALOME-9.12.0 -p SMESH,CONFIGURATION --clean_all
Executing the compile commands in the build directories of the products of the application SALOME-9.12.0
SOURCE directory = F:\Salome_build\SALOME-9.12.0\SOURCES
BUILD directory = F:\Salome_build\SALOME-9.12.0\BUILD

Compilation of CONFIGURATION … ignored
Compilation of SMESH … KO CONFIGURE

Compilation: KO (1/2)

I looked into the log file and found that CMake could not find SIP. Printing out some values from within FindSIP.cmake, I found that some paths are missing.

How do I fix it?

cmake.txt (10.6 KB)

it seems that for some strange reason sip5 -V failed to return some value.
can you launch run_salome_shell.bat and in the terminal, run:

where sip5
sip5 -V

This should return 5.5.0

No luck. It doesn’t work on my side.


In spite of that, when I hard code SIP_VERSION to be 5.5 in FindSIP.cmake, the compilation succeeds.