Difficulties with SALOME 9.8.0's Mesh Generation for Complex Geometry

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I’m using SALOME 9.8.0 for a project right now, and I’m having some trouble creating meshes for some really complicated geometry. The geometry is made up of multiple intersecting spherical and cylindrical surfaces, and although the CAD model appears to be correct, the meshing procedure is not producing results that are acceptable.

These are the particular issues I’m having:

Mesh Quality: Several distorted components can be found in the created mesh, especially in the areas where the spherical and cylindrical surfaces cross. My simulations’ accuracy is being impacted by this.

Control Mesh Size: In some areas, I’m having problems keeping the mesh size under control. I’ve tried adjusting the theory and algorithm settings, but the mesh is still too coarse. I need a mesh with greater finesse around some key places.

Mesh Convergence: I observe that the mesh convergence fails to occur smoothly during the refinement of the mesh process. On the contrary, it creates new problems like gaps or overlapping parts.

Drawing from the documentation and recommendations on the forum, I have attempted the subsequent methods:

  • utilising various meshing methods (e.g., GHS3D, Netgen 1D-2D-3D, etc.)
  • Changing the hypothesised parameters’ maximum item size, rate of growth, etc.
  • reducing the geometry’s complexity to eliminate superfluous details
  • These efforts have not resolved the issues.

Would someone kindly offer advice or share their viewpoints on handling similar situations? :thinking: Are there any particular SALOME settings or methods that work especially well for meshing intricate geometries? :thinking:

I also checked this :point_right: I cant get meshing groups to work properly... Anyone has advice?

Any advice on how to improve mlops mesh control and quality would be much valued.

Thank you :pray: in advance.