Build SALOME-9.11.0-windows with sat

I use the salomeTools.pdf manual. There are I found instructions compiling SALOME. I create an empty folder and run the next script:

SAT/sat init --add_project $(pwd)/SAT_SALOME/salome-W10.pyconf
./sat config -l
./sat prepare SALOME-9.11.0-windows

Then I try to compile Python for example
./sat compile SALOME-9.11.0-windows -p Python
and it fails without any error explanation. It tries to run Python-3.6.5.bat and fails with only one message ‘KO’. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a more modern version of manual how to build SALOME?

is there a particular reason for compiling everything from scratch ?

It is not clear to me on which OS you’re running from your command snippet
Are you using cygwin or wsl ?

I’m running commands in cmd, windows 10.
We want to expand salome with our own module and also have a debug version for existed modules. If there is a different way to implement it? I also tried to compile salome with cmake, without sat, but there is also no information on what we need to send to cmake for correct compilation.

Since you want to build a module on top of SALOME, you can proceed as described at the link below and start from a SALOME windows ready for use version.
If you want to build everything on your own, you need to share the error messages.

Ok, I will check this, thank you!

I compile the application, but I still have a question about debug. If I can debug salome?

a quick question: your module you want to build on top of SALOME, is it c++ or pure python ?

We are going to write in C++