Why is there no "module"?

I use the version of SALOME 7.4.0. I try the method of "
McCad-Salome-Binaries" to install the plugin of McCad. But there is the situation above the first picture. It just have “standrad”, not have “module”. So, who can tell me why? I would thank you very much if you can tell me the answer.

When you launch SALOME with only one module (with --module option) the module is automatically activated and the module selector is not displayed.
It seems the case in your example since you have the McCad menu.

The documentation of MCad says

To run McCad, start cmd.exe in the Windows Start menu, and run the following command:
$SALOME\run_salome.bat --module=MCCAD
If you want to start also geometry, meshing and visualization module, using command: $SALOME\run_salome.bat --module=GEOM,SMESH,PARAVIS,MCCAD

I appreciate your reply. And I have solved this problem now.