Where did the download link for med-file go?

noticed the site and this forum have been updated. kudos for the update. however i can’t seem to find the download links for the med-file package anymore.

is there a link to the med-file package on the main site that i may have overlooked?

assuming that you’re looking for MED source code, you can extract it from any Linux archive which embeds the sources.
So you can download either one SALOME 9.8.0 or MEDCOUPLING 9.8.0 archive.
The sources are stored in ARCHIVES/medfile-4.1.1.tar.gz

wget https://files.salome-platform.org/Salome/Salome9.8.0/MEDCOUPLING-9.8.0-MPI-UB20.04-SRC.tar.gz
tar -xf MEDCOUPLING-9.8.0-MPI-UB20.04-SRC.tar.gz MEDCOUPLING-9.8.0-MPI-UB20.04-SRC/ARCHIVES/med-4.1.1.tar.gz -C ./ --strip-components=2

All source code is in principle stored in ARCHIVES folder.