Where are the tools called SA_new_cpp_component and SA_build that are mentioned in the hxx2salome documentation?


I am following the manual located here about SALOME component generation, using SALOME-9.8.0 distribution for Ubuntu 18.

That page mentions some tools called SA_new_cpp_component, SA_new_component and SA_build, but I cannot find that tools in the SALOME files. Specifically that page says:

We suppose that hxx2salome (and the related tools SA_new_component and SA_build ) have been installed in a directory called $HXX2SALOME_ROOT_DIR , which is present in your $PATH

and shows the following usage example:

$ SA_new_cpp_component CALC
adm archive AUTHORS build_configure ChangeLog configure.in.base
Makefile.am NEWS README rfind root_clean src

First of all, it seems there is a typo in the documentation because SA_new_component and SA_new_cpp_component looks like as if they were the same tool but the name is different.

Second, I can only find hxx2salome in ./BINARIES-UB18.04/YACS/bin/HXX2SALOME_Test/hxx2salome, but the other two tools are not there. I have tried to find them with the following commands without results:

find -name SA_new_cpp_component
find -name SA_new_component
find -name SA_build

Where can I find those tools? Is that page outdated? Thank you in advance