What's the correct way of adding 0D elements?

I’m having trouble retaining 0D elements in mesh. What am I doing is after creating geometry and meshing it I still need to add 0D elements in centers of holes to create rigid connection between center node and hole edge. So to define that I’m adding them manually to node IDs in mesh module. In attached case these are named P1 to P4. The problem is that when I close and open the study file I have exclamation mark next to those four 0D elements. What am I doing wrong and what’s the correct way of adding 0D elements to mesh?

Case02.hdf (2.0 MB)

So no one knows? I doubt it.

Hi Krzysztof,

Sorry I cannot help much but I’m rather new to Salome. Did you find the solution? I assume that 0D elements are selected from the mesh nodes and grouped. Have you managed to make the mesh include some points selected before hand? Sorry if it’s a bit off topic but wondered if you had done that prior to where you are now.

I’ll share if I find anything on 0D elements definition.


Hi Kiko,
I did the task twice. I imported 3D shell to GEOM and SHAPER modules but without points in holes centres. Then I manually added vertices which were recognized as nodes in SMESH module. After creating mesh I added 0D elements to that free nodes in holes. I created separate element group for each 0D element. There are 2 problems with 0D elements added manually. First is described in my previous post and second is that 0D elements are attached to certain node number. Remeshing changes numbering and you have to do it manually again. It’s not a problem if you have few groups, but imagine if you have 20+ And this number is easily achieved in steel structure bolted connections.