What are the units of measurement in Salome and how to change them?

Hello dear Salome community.
I’m wondering what the units of measurement in Salome are. For instance, I draw a circle in Shaper module, I set the radius of 10. But I can’t seem to be able neither to find out the associated units of measurement nor to set them. I assume they are mm, but I’m not sure. I tried the manual, no luck. I went through the forum, no luck as well.
This post asks the same question, but there is not an answer there.
Thank you in advance.

There are not, in Salome you work unitless (without units), nevertheless when you export (or also when you import) files you choose if it is in m or in mm. So to be clear, inside of Salome you don’t have units, you will give them when you interact with the “outside” of it.

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