Website with downloads not available

When visiting the main website I get a message just saying:

" This site is down for maintenance

Come back quickly!"

A post on FreeCAD forum (Fri Sep 22, 2023 11:32 am, Salome platform now unavailable? - FreeCAD Forum), suggests there has been a problem for a while.

I would like to get a Windows download, is there a mirror or any other way of getting it? I know of the git but think I will have a lot of difficulty with that. Does anyone have any information on the website problem?

I am NOT associated with the developers of salome, I am simple user of it, that being said, I had the installers of 9.11 in my download folder:
windows exe installer
linux universal
hope it helps
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Thank you very much for that franco.ota! I am downloading it now.

Thanks for finding this thread in Uncatergorized as well, I hadn’t looked there.

Best wishes