Waring no type found for resource localhost

I used to run Salome, but now I am having a problem with salome:
Here is the error message:
Warning, no type found for resource local host, using default value single machine:
Anyone know how to fix it? I installed a 9.9 for Window 11.

it is not clear from your description, what is wrong. This is a warning issued which is harmless.
Can you either upgrade to latest SALOME 9.11 and check if this occurs or do the following in a cmd terminal

  SALOME-9.9.0\W64\Python\python3.exe salome 

and share the output ?
In addition, you need to ensure that all *remnant CORBA files are removed by running in a CMD terminal:

- del %APPDATA%\.omni*
- del %APPDATA%\.salome_PortManager.cfg

you can if you’re not familiar with dos, simply start a file browser and go to %APPDATA% and delete files named .omni* as well as .salome_PortManager.cfg