Viscous layers failure for hex mesh

Hello to you all!

I have a very simple model that I am able to mesh using tetra and hex cells. The problem appears when I am trying to generate viscous layers. For tetra cells everything works fine, not for hexa.

I am trying to attach some pictures.

Viscous layers for tetra mesh

Viscous layers for hex mesh

Error in hex mesh generation.

Thank you!

P.S. Sorry for the mess in adding pictures, but as I am a new user I can only add one per post.

Hi, please upload the HDF file study such that we can try to reproduce the issue and escalate it to developers.

hello nabil,
I think it is exactly the same error as in the case of my post
what samarul mentionned, I was able to reproduce it (not the same errors) in the following file
errorHex.hdf (1,7 MB)

Mesh_1 (with the correct blocking structure for the hex meshing) meshes correctly but nevertheless the boundary layer has issues. (same as my other post)

Mesh_2 (with what looks like the blocking done by samarul) meshes corretly but neverthless the boundary layes has issues (not exactly the same errors as him)

hope this helps.