Viscous Layer generation - relative height?

Good morning,

I am trying to develop a mesh with a viscous layer.
The geometry has quite steep angles and zones that are much thicker than others, for which if I try to set values above a certain level, I get an error saying that the boundaries are overlapping (and I can actually see the geometry having the 3D prisms coming out of the boundary surface).

I was wondering if there was a way to avoid this from happening, for example setting a relative thickness value rather than absolute, or other solutions - like for example merging the nodes at each layer addition iteration or recalculate the normal/element combination to extrude the generate the subsequent layer.

Can this be solved using the Node_offset method rather than the face_offset or surface_offset_smooth? Does that use relative sizes? Although it doesn’t really seem to me.

This happens for both the Netgen-3D and Body fitting algorithms.

Plus, I have observed that for coarser meshes, I can extend the maximum thickness above which I get the mesh overlapping error.
Now I am running a test with a much finer mesh where the sharp angles/ small spaces are - it just takes ages to compute so I cannot really draw a conclusion!

Thank you so much in advance.