Using salome python script as a function in the terminal

I wanted to pass a variable to a Salome python script, to be more specific, the current location of where I am running the terminal.
but I am not getting the desired behavior.
the python scripts looks like this

import sys

the issue is that if I run it directly from python in the terminal

python3 $scriptPath/ $(pwd)

I get the desired result

['TEST/', '/mnt/c/Users/Micro/Documents/Testscript']

but when I run it as

cmd.exe /mnt/c/SALOME-9.7.0/run_salome.bat -t $scriptPath/  $(pwd)

the output in the salome python consol is different


I understand the difference in the back and foward slashes from one being the python of windows and the other from ubuntu (WSL). Nevertheless this is not important, but what it matters is that I loss the argument that I am trying to pass to the script.
how can avoid this?
best regards,