Using NASA CGNS Meshes, group of nodes to group of faces

I am trying to use meshes from NASA validations test cases to create Code_Saturne studies. When I import the coarsest backward facing step mesh, it detects the good groups of volumes but for the faces it creates group of nodes. I was trying to use the group filter to create group of faces with my group of nodes but I could not get things working.
Is there a trick ?
Thank you very much


indeed, in these files, the boundary conditions info is stored on Vertex and SALOME imports them as groups of nodes.

It will be fixed in the next version of SALOME. Groups of faces will be created for 3D meshes and groups of edges for 2D meshes.

In the meantime, you can use (1,1 Ko)
to create groups of faces from groups of nodes. In the script, just change a.cgns to your file name.

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