Use another version of libgeos than the one in the repository [Centos7]

Hello community,

I do not have admin right on my computed and don’t have the possibility to install any packages.

I have downloaded SALOME-9.9.0-CO7-SRC, and when I try to launch it, I have this error message :

SALOME_Session_Server_No_Server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Because I do not have admin rights, I can’t install it through yum. So I compiled and installed libgeos locally. I updated the LD_LIBRARY_PATH adding the path where is, but I still have the error.

How can I precise to Salome the local install path of libgeos ?


you can either use the universal binary which is nothing more than a Centos 7 build for which all system dependencies have been shipped with (read carefully the readme if you do so), or since you built libgeos, you then need to do the following since LD_LIBRARY_PATH is reset (to avoid some conflicts)
So in file salome launcher, right after:
context.setVariable(r"LD_LIBRARY_PATH", out_dir_Path + r"/BINARIES-CO7/CAS/lib", overwrite=True)
context.addToLdLibraryPath(r"Path to libgeos libraries")