UNV import dll library logging in Salome 9.10

I wrote a little python routine to export 3D shell mesh elements (only faces, edges, vertices) to salome in unv format, following (i think) requirements from unv doc (available on the siemens site Siemens Documentation.

Despite files contents apparently identical with a reference (same mesh exporting from Salome), Salome returns me an “unknown error” when i try to import my file.

Does anyone know if it is possible to log the execution of the library MeshDriverUNV.dll or other to have any feedback allowing debug my routine? I use Salome 2023 W64 from simulease .

Thanks by advance.

try this:
edit run_salome.bat and right before the python command line, add:


then run this script to start SALOME. This will then print some additional information about the error in the Python console.

You can also share the file you try to import

Thanks Nabil for your so quick answer.

Unfortunately Salome is not very talkative when it comes to unv file imports.

I’m trying to implement a version with linux, if i manage to end download the salome_meca-lgpl-2022.1.0-1-20221225 package which is a challenge as usual. (the server must have restrictions in bandwidth. I’m having such difficulty to exceed 2.8GB/6GB.

Except if is there any way to make the import module more chatty. I don’t know.

i can see that you’re using 9.10 based on simulease.com.

You can try with the baseline SALOME 9.12 to check if you can import your step file. The tip about SALOME_VERBOSE=1 will provide hopefully some additional information since the verbose mode was quite extended.

Note that you can also share your script+step file you try to import…

I have progressed.

I can export nodes and edges from my mesh but only one face from time to time, regarding the shape resulting from my modeling (see: Exported_shell_unv_format.step and Exported_shell_errors.log).
Exported_shell_unv_format.step (549.1 KB)
Exported_shell_errors.log (3.4 KB)

On the other hand, when I export a part (torus) generated from my modeler library, importation works well.

I suspect a difference with plannity criteria between my modeler and Salome.
In an other words, i would have to check how Salome rounded the coordinates of the mesh nodes.

Maybe types of variable in which they are stored or rounded.

I have not yet found informaion in the very well-provided and high-quality documentation. If someone has an idea.

PS: Please change from step file format to unv because of the file format filter of the forum which forbidden unv upload

I finally found, nothing to see with faces flatness but with tri and quad data sorting and ordering at the end of my unv file.