Unable to creat single shell

Hi everyone, I’m trying to simulate 2 connected sedimentation Tank. I created the Geometry in 3D but when I shell the faces, I get a warning : “Unable to create single shell. Result is a copound of shell”. After that you can not create a solid of that compund of shell. I believe that the shell has to be a single shell to create a solid of it. I even fused the whole Geometry to one shape but it did not work either. Does anyone know how can I get rid of this warning? Here is the .hdf file on google drive Sedimentation_Tank
Thank you very much for your time.

Hello Sandro,
I coulndt use the atmosphere and Face_bottom to create the solids, but I have succesfully created them. I used the Tank_1 and Tank_2 and used the tool repair/suppress holes of geometry and then intersected the different solids to create the final solids that, at least from my understanding, was the objects that you were looking for.
Sediment_tank.hdf (238,8 KB)

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