Twisted cross section, each sketch separately

I wanted to twist a rectangular cross section along an axis and generate a solid. This task was only possible if I redrew each cross section along the path. This is error prone and takes a long time.
Is there a way to make this work easier with copy, translate and rotate of the 1st cross section? I am not thinking of python scripts.
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twisted.hdf (130,7 KB)

Hello Luve!

For create this solid you can create Intrerpolation edge (Build->Interpolation)
Points for Interpolation can be created both manually and using features translate and rotate in Menu → Part

Then create Pipe by object, path and Bi-Normal

twisted_2.hdf (60.0 КБ)

BR, Aleksei

Hello Aleksei,

this is a nice solution. Thanks
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I would like to thank Alexeksei
Trapezoid_spiral.hdf (1,8 MB)

once again. His posted example explains “Bi_Normal” of “pipe” better than the documentation.
Here is an application of mine for other users.

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