Trouble to build a 2D mesh from a shapefile

Dear all,
I try to build an urban mesh with multiple building obstacles with Salome and its python capabilites.
I have created a GeoDataFrame that I can convert to a shapefile. It contains :

  • polygons representing the buildings with their height
  • a filling polygon representing the ground with a height of 0.

I want to import it in Salome and build a 2D mesh from it and extrude building to model a city mesh.

My geodataframe when I plot it look like this :

Anyone can help me on how to import it in Salome and meshing it ?

Best regards,


PS : The old forum is not accessible yet (April 2022). It has been months now. That is why I posted my message here. Excuse me for any redundancy with previous forum.

you can re create your geometry really easy (and will be easier to create your mesh than importing it)
here is an example for something similar. (1,3 KB)
for the meshing side you need to give more info to be able to help you :slight_smile:
best regards.

Hello Franco,

Sorry for the late reply. I have to manage the forum mailing notification system. Indeed my geometry is here simple. But I would like to use a technique which is scalable with the use of real world city footprints datasets. This kind of information is usually presented in a “shapefile”, where footoprints coordinates are written as polygons, and where a single height is given to each polygon. Sorry if I have been unclear with my goals. I think the fine mesh generation procedure is a problem which raises in a second time. I would be first glad to know how to generate a body fitted mesh of my urban ground area to perform substraction to an air simulation domain of the form of a cylinder or a square. The first question which raises to satisfy this goal is how to import a shapefile or any 2D domain in salome and extrude it according to building height.

Thank you for your interest,