The byte order of this platform is unknown problem in Windows

I am grappling with a problem which was raised before ( What causes this CORBA error message in VS build? by Timo on Apr-06-2018) but no satisfactory answer was provided. I started with the Atomic module and placed a button on the central area and when the user selects a mesh object and clicks the button, the mesh information will be written in a file which can used for subsequent finite element analysis.

The code runs perfectly fine in ubuntu 20.04 running in a virtual box. The salome version is 9.6. However, when the code is brought over to the Windows 10 host system running salome version 9.4 with Visual Studio 2017 compiler, I get the following error

…\W64\omniORB\include\omniORB4/CORBA_sysdep_trad.h(544,1): fatal error C1189: #error: “The byte order of this platform is unknown”.

SALOMEconfig.h has the following entry

/* Platform definition */
#ifndef WINDOWS
#define WINDOWS

After tudying the ‘CORBA_sysdep_trad.h’ file, I added

#define x86
#define WIN32

but now I am getting plenty of link errors.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.