[SOLVED] Duplicating sketches in Shaper

First off, many thanks for the amazing work of the developers and documentation team of the Shaper module.

Since I have recently adopted Shaper in my workflow, I am not totally sure if my question is a missing feature or there exists a way to accomplish it with the current version (9.9.0) and I do not know how. In this case I appreciate your help.

There is a variety of tools and operations for 3D objects in Shaper. However, I wonder if similar operations are available for 2D sketches. Could the sketches at least be copied or duplicated. I do not expect the dependency to be linked to the original sketch, but only want to avoid remaking the sketches that are identical from scratch, but are located on different planes for example.

Thanks in advance

Edit: I found an answer to my question myself. The button was there and I had not found it. FYI the operation is called “Sketch copy” which is available on the “features” toolbar.

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