Solome use as a cleaning CAD tool during optimization

I am using HFSS for electromagnetics simulations.
I need to use an optimizer which is a code written in Matlab
I can call HFSS form Matlab and do most of the work associated with the optimization work flow (build CAD mesh and run), however HFSS lacks CAD preparation capability.
If can can have a script in matlab the imports the CAD generated in HFSS, cleans it up and export it back that would help a lot.
I am not very proficient in Python so MATLAB or VBA would be the only languages in which I feel comfortable coding.
So the question is: Can I control SALOME from MATLAB?

Thank you

No. From Matlab you can execute a python script. So you can create your Cad, export it and then do the cleaning of the Cad by executing a python script. Use the dump function in Salome to create a base script that will help you around to create what you need. Furthermore I don’t understand why you need Cad cleaning if you are generating it, generate it simpler directly.

I need CAD cleaning because a number of CAD operations would create double surfaces, non-coincidal point etc. this why all the expensive CAD software packages do include cleaning utilities

May i know, how are you carrying out cad cleaning.
i am also trying the cad cleaning in salome, but unfortunately i didn’t find any options.

You have several tools for geometry cleaning in the geometry module, to delete and fuse faces, remove extra edges etc.

i have an imported geometry, in geometry module can we perform those operations?
i have already tried, but i cannot
can you help me out.
Thank you

you have the “repair” menu with several tool for cad cleaning in salome. with the little and vague information you give i can not say anything more specific.