smesh.IsApplicable function

i have been looking how to use the smesh.IsApplicable() function, to ensure if it is possible or not to use extrusion 3D hypothesis to a solid. In the user guide MESH module, there is no mention of this, in the developper guide Mesh module, I can not search for it directly but if i use google to search in it i dont have any luck (using site: IsApplicable).
from the print help of python I do not get much more info…

Help on method IsApplicable in module SMESH:

IsApplicable(*args) method of salome.smesh.smeshBuilder.smeshBuilder instance

and if i try to run it without info (trying to guide me from the error message for wrong outputs) i got:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<input>", line 1, in <module>
  File "C:\SALOME-9.10.0\W64\SMESH\bin\salome\", line 498, in IsApplicable
    return self._obj.invoke("IsApplicable", _0_SMESH.SMESH_Gen._d_IsApplicable, args)
TypeError: Operation requires 4 arguments; 2 given

but i dont know what are each argument, and if I go to the mentionned file i only get:

    def IsApplicable(self, *args):
        return self._obj.invoke("IsApplicable", _0_SMESH.SMESH_Gen._d_IsApplicable, args)

any help regarding how to use this function, or how to dig deeper, would be helpful.
finding the definition of the function in SOURCES/SMESH/idl/SMESH_Gen.idl

     * Returns true if algorithm can be used to mesh a given geometry
     *  \param theAlgoType - the algorithm type
     *  \param theLibName - a name of the Plug-in library implementing the algorithm
     *  \param theShapeObject - the geometry to mesh
     *  \param toCheckAll - if \c True, returns \c True if all shapes are meshable,
     *         else, returns \c True if at least one shape is meshable
    boolean IsApplicable( in string             theAlgoType,
                          in string             theLibName,
                          in GEOM::GEOM_Object  theShapeObject,
                          in boolean            toCheckAll );

what was still missing was what algorithm and librery.
for this one can create a mesh with the desired algorithm select in the object browser the algorithm created in algorithm section of Mesh section
and run

to get the theAlgoType and theLibName.
Edit 2.
Before running smesh.IsApplicable() a dummy mesh needs to be created eg.,

Mesh_dummy = smesh.Mesh(box_dummy,'Mesh_dummy')

if not the function retunrs always True even if the IsApplicable is not true.