SIGSEGV 'segmentation violation' detected. address 0

Hi devs,

I’m running into an SIGSEGV error under the Shaper module (Salome 9.8 on ubuntu 20.04). To reproduce it, load the followins study Study1.hdf (37,6 Ko), go into Shaper module, load part 1, delete all the result (should be empty part after), edit the Sketch 1 (select result / edit) and add a point on the most top left horizontal segment. Provide a horizontal size constraint and validate the sketch. The error should occur.

Can you confirm me you also run into the error ?


Hello Moise,
I can not achieve to follow your indications,

  1. I open the hdf file
  2. go to shaper moduel (here I can edite sketch 1 or load part 1)
    but if
    3.I load the part 1
    I can no longuer interact with sketch 1 in any way
    here is a image of the tree of features
    this behavior is in salome 9.8 in windows 10