Shaper: Pipe Variants

Are there examples where variants of pipe are explained?

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Here is another attempt to pipe transform. It failed. What did I do wrong?

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you need to share your study, such that some experts can help. Please upload the hdf5 file study.

Hallo NabilG

thanks for the help. It is impossible for me to upload files see screenhot

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@cbourcier fixed the issue, can you try uploading your study again ?

OK here is it.
Transform.hdf (77,9 KB)
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I apologize, the problem is different. I have redrawn this
task with FreeCAD and got the same picture.
What is new is that the salome: file cannot be exported.
*.brep nor *.step.
The program crashes. Can you find the solution for this ?

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there is a an issue with the Face_2 feature, it leads to 2 faces results, splitted by the axes projected in Sketch_2. If you want the whole face, edit Sketch_2, select each projected each (in bold purple) and untick “include into the sketch result”. The result of Pipe_1 is much better.


To control where the 4th point of the square will land on the triangle, you can add a point in Sketch_2 and split an edge.


Finally, you can add an intermediate face to better control how the pipe is created.

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Transform_fixed.hdf (64,7 Ko)
Transform_four_points.hdf (68,8 Ko)

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Hello Christophe

Thank you very much for the help. Is your construction only suitable for linearly bounded objects? How does the transition from circle to rectangle work? In ventilation technology such pipes are used.

The export with *.brep or *.step of your pipe1 does not work for me. Salome crashes. Why does it crash?

By the way: I like Salome. Here the definition of multibodies and multiboundaries is easy.
That makes the meshing for FEM easy. Thank you.

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Hello Luve,

Thank you for your feedback. For a good transition from a circle to a rectangle, you can similarly add 4 points on the circle to help the pipe to create the four faces from the circle to the rectangle.

I don’t reproduce a crash when exporting the pipe result to step or brep. What is your operating system? Which version of Salome have you installed? Specific to your OS or the “universal binary” version?


Hello Christophe
Thank you for your answer. As a reminder, I used your file. That’s what caused the crash.

My system: Windows 10. Does this help?

I did not manage to reproduce the issue on Windows. Maybe you can share the error message if any and the name of the output folder (note that preferably avoid paths with spaces and special characters)
Enclosed the exported pipe to brep and step formats.
pipe_1_1.tar.gz (176.6 KB)

Hello Nabil

SALOME was able to import your three *.brep files.
Your published file Transform_four_points.hdf cannot be exported for me.
Nothing has changed.
In the picture is shown:
Target - Folder and screen after crash. SALOME does not show any other information.

If you want to continue the threat for the community I will help.
For myself I can solve the problem with other software.

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A simple and working *.hdf file has been exported by SALOME to the same
target folder as *.brep without error in this moment.