Selecting internal planes for sketch creation in Shaper

Since I have recently adopted Shaper in my workflow, I am not totally sure if my question is a missing feature or there exists a way to accomplish it with the current version (9.9.0) and I do not know how. In this case I appreciate your help.

Is there any way to select inner surfaces of an already created object in Shaper as basis for creating a sketch plane? I would like to be able to select any plane from a transparent view of an object, without clipping some sections of the geometry or exploding the geometry to get a direct look at the plane I would like to select. This is already possible for points/vertices and edges, as they can be selected from a transparent view.

Thanks in advance

Not sure if that would answer your need but in SHAPER you can use [ctrl + mouse wheel] to iterate over the objects currently under your mouse pointer. This can help you reach objects in background planes of the viewer.
While iterating with the wheel, the highlighting will show which item is preselected and you just need to left click to select it.


you can also use the Hide faces panel available from the menu View> Windows or after a right-click on the icons toolbar.