Segmentation Fault Error - reproducible bug (Tuble index out of range)

Hey everybody,

I re-registered and so I am back for reporting (: Probably due to the new website, the old database was overwritten or simply trashed (so nothing to discuss about). Despite of that, thanks for continuously improving Salome.

My problem is related to the SIGSEGV problem and I guess this is a bug as an index is running out of range.

I opened a new topic as the one opened yesterday seems to be a bit different.

I made a Sketch and want to copy the base_2x2 sketch again. However, doing so, I run (always) into the SIGSEGV error. An interesting point is:

  • Opening the *.hdf file works but I cannot copy the Sketch again
  • Dumping the whole *.hdf file into a python file and reload the python file lead to an error:
>>> exec(compile(open('/home/shorty/3DDruck/Powerwall/', 'rb').read(), '/home/shorty/3DDruck/Powerwall/', 'exec'))
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<input>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/home/shorty/3DDruck/Powerwall/", line 409, in <module>
IndexError: tuple index out of range

This looks like a bug.
As the *.hdf file is almost 30 MB large, I pushed both, the *.hdf and *.py file to my server. Please find the file here:

To reproduce the error:

  • open the *.hdf file
  • go into the Shaper module
  • Try to copy the “base_2x2” sketch

I would be really thankful for an update regarding this issue.
Thank you in advance,

Edit and new Information
It seems that removing all rotation constraints allows me to copy the sketch.

Thanks for reporting this bug.
We would like to analyse it. Unfortunately, the link to the python file is not valid (page not found).
Can you please send us a new one.

The old forum is still available here for reading : Forum — SALOME Platform

Hello @ncrouzet , I kindly allow myself to re upload the file that @Shor-ty so you can get acces earlier, uploaded before as I donwloaded to see if the issue was in windows too (that I can confirm, it makes salome 9.8 crash directly)
here is the link to the file:
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Sorry it’s actually I can’t get!
have a nice week-end also

Sorry guys that I missed to upload the python file. Its not uploaded - my mistake. Will fix it until Monday morning. Have a nice weekend.


Hey everybody,

@ncrouzet , sorry for the delay but I uploaded it right now. You can now check it out.
Let me know if there is something not working or if you don’t get the file.
I am also interested if you can find some bug?

Thank you,

Any news regarding this issue?