Save screenshoots in good quality

is it possible to save a screenshot like we do in paravis (or paraview) from the geometry or shaper module using python? especially looking for SVG or vectorized images.

this is how I do it

Hello luve,
Thanks for your answer but this gives a more or less low quality image I would like to be able to export in a vectorized image and not a rasterised one.


is export to CAD format not a solution for you? There are vectorized data.


the dump view option exports in bmp, pngjpg jepg formats, this are all rasterized formats. not vectorized ones. what I was asking is a vectorazed image that the edges are vector lines, where you can explode, delate and hide what you dont need. this is not possible with the dump view. furthermore, it is also highly rasterized the view in geometry or shaper, a line with an angle regarding to the main view, it will look blocky even inside salome.