SALOME SSL saving to study with custom Python module


From the SALOME-9.9.0 release notes I am trying to understand how the Sessionless Save/Load functionality works. We have some custom modules which saved data to study with CORBA but now I would like to know how this is implemented in the SSL mode.

I have checked the git repositories but haven’t found a python module example on how this is implemented. I tried finding it in the documentation but failed. I am grateful for any help!


Dear Gregor,
as discussed internally, in principle Save/Load functionnalities, should be transparent whatever approach you’re using (SSL or noSSL) .
Note that, as it was pointed to me by SALOME experts, there is one limitation. Namely if you mix both modes SSL and noSSL. A typical scenario would be to launch a first instance of SALOME in noSSL mode, followed by another instance which connects to SALOME server of the first instance to access its data. For such scenarios, you need to use (full noSSL mode).

if possible, you can share your module, such that we can have a look at its implementation or use the contact form at this link to have some advanced support.

Hello Nabil,

thanks for the answer. I have realized that the modules were not updated correctly to the PYHELLO template. Namely the functions in * and the main engine class. After fixing that, it works as intended (functions that obtain instances of the NamingService and the LLC). Both SSL and noSSL mode now works.

Thanks for pointing it out. Next time will try to compare code accurately :slight_smile:

Best regards,