Salome Installation in Ubuntu 22.04, sat script file seems missing

As i was trying to install Salome 9.9.0 in Ubuntu 22.04 i had to check for my prerequisites installed in my machine. I followed the README command:

${ROOT}/sat config  SALOME-9.9.0-native --check_system

After running this command from the specified directory where Salome files are untared, instead of checking the system i got an ootput:

bash: ./sat: Is a directory

It looks like the “sat” script file is missing from the folder that i untared. If that’s the case can i download the same separately? If yes from where?

Thank you,

there is obviously a typo in the README file. It should be:

cd SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC
sat/sat config SALOME-9.9.0-native --check_system