Salome for Mac OS X


I was wondering about if there any plans to support a SALOME distribution for Mac OS X in the near future (maybe version 10?)

I was roaming the old forum for any previous attempts and found these:

Salome 7.8 on Mac OS X

Salome on MacOS (omnipy error)

Is there any support for macos?

Where can patches be submitted ?

The first thread indicates some good advances. It would be great to have SALOME working on Mac OS X. Do let me know if there are any initiatives planned for that.

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No sorry there are no plans to build on Mac OS in a near future.
Some people did it in the past- it may work.
If someone want to try, feel free to ask questions, give feedback, suggest patches, etc.


I am trying to have Salome on M1/M2 Mac. While I am willing to experiment, I don’t know where or how to start as singularity is failing to work on my mac so far!

Any help and advice would be highly appreciated?

Seconding this. I have Salome working on a remote Ubuntu AWS instance, but the slowness of using a graphical program over NoMachine is driving me insane. I’ve got an M1 Pro MacBook Pro, and I’m happy to try tinkering around to get it working. Are there any specific pain points that people have found, e.g. libraries, packages, or programs that are only available for Linux?

I’d like to use MEDCoupling by python, so I want to build MEDCoupling. All its dependencies has been built. But when I build MEDCoupling to 72%, it breaks with error “no matching function for call to xxxxx” or “no matching conversion for staticßcast from xxx”. When I build it without MEDCOUPLING_ENABLE_PYTHON, it’s all ok. But when I build it with MEDCOUPLING_ENABLE_PYTHON, it exits with error. I don’t think the source code is wrong, and I think it’s something wrong with the version of python or swig, or even the difference between clang and gcc.

Environment: python 3.10, swig 4.1.1 installed from pip install, macOS 13.5, clang 14.0.3, MEDCoupling 9.8.0, MEDFile 4.1.1

/Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/build/src/MEDCoupling_Swig/CMakeFiles/_MEDCoupling.dir/MEDCouplingPYTHON_wrap.cxx:90182:12: error: incompatible pointer types assigning to ‘std::vector<mcIdType, std::allocator> *’ (aka ‘vector<long long, allocator> *’) from ‘std::vector<long, std::allocator> *’
arg2 = ptr;

/Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/…/MEDCoupling/MEDCouplingMemArray.txx:2508:57: warning: /Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/build/src/MEDCoupling_Swig/CMakeFiles/_MEDCoupling.dir/MEDCouplingPYTHON_wrap.cxx:71537:7: error: no matching function for call to ‘MEDCoupling_MEDCouplingMesh_resizeForUnserialization’
MEDCoupling_MEDCouplingMesh_resizeForUnserialization((MEDCoupling::MEDCouplingMesh const *)arg1,(std::vector< long,std::allocator< long > > const &)*arg2,arg3,arg4);

/Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/build/src/MEDCoupling_Swig/CMakeFiles/_MEDCoupling.dir/MEDCouplingPYTHON_wrap.cxx:84401:112: error: no viable conversion from ‘const vector<long, allocator>’ to ‘const vector<MEDCoupling::mcIdType, allocator>’
result = (MEDCoupling::DataArrayInt64 *)MEDCoupling::MEDCouplingUMesh::ComputeRangesFromTypeDistribution((std::vector< long,std::allocator< long > > const &)*arg1);

fatal error: too many errors emitted, stopping now [-ferror-limit=]

Besides g+±12, when I use clang, the error is:

/Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/MeshFormatReader.hxx:39:10: fatal error: ‘parallel/features.h’ file not found

#include <parallel/features.h>


In file included from /Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/SauvWriter.cxx:26:

In file included from /Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/MEDFileMesh.hxx:25:

In file included from /Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/MEDFileMeshLL.hxx:24:

In file included from /Users/apple/gwstore/Optimus/third_party/MEDCoupling/MEDCoupling-sources/src/MEDCoupling/src/MEDLoader/MEDFileBasis.hxx:26:

There is no features.h in Mac?