Salome 9.8 - Volume element edges not shown

I just installed 9.8 -thank you for this update!

I notice that salome does not show volume element edges correct. At least my installation does not. See also older post: Volume element edges not shown — SALOME Platform (

-Will this issue be fixed in 9.9?
-Another question, how do I uninstall older versions? is it just to remove the installation folder ? rm SALOME-9.7.0-UB18.04-SRC ?

-Thank you for the good work with the program!

hi, regarding the second questino about uninstalling versions, on Linux, you need to simply delete the installation folder. In addition, you can do the following:

  • remove files $HOME/.config/salome/*9.7.0*
  • close all SALOME instances and remove:
    • /tmp/.*_PortManager.cfg
    • /tmp/.omniORB_*
    • /tmp/.salome/.PortManager.lock