Salome 9.10.0 Dynamic Link Library error on Windows 10

Hello Salome community. I’m trying to install Salome 9.10 on my Windows 10 machine. I’ve run the installation .exe to create the folder C:\SALOME-9.10.0.

When I try to run run_salome.bat I get the following error:

The procedure entry point ?tabletEvent@Qwidget@@MEAAXPEAVQTabletEvent@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\SALOME-9.10.0\W64\GUI\lib\salome\ObjBrowser.dll.

along with similar error messages for other dll files in that folder. I’ve checked the folder and the dll’s are there. Any feedback for how to proceed would be much appreciated!

The missing symbol is in principle provided by Qt5Widgets.dll which is installed in W64\qt\bin directory. So check that this library is present and was not removed by your antivirus.
If present, its expected checksum should match the one below returned by certutil command line that you can run in a cmd terminal:

d:\CEA\SALOME-9.10.0\W64\qt\bin>certutil -hashfile Qt5Widgets.dll MD5
Hachage MD5 de Qt5Widgets.dll :
CertUtil: -hashfile La commande s’est terminée correctement.

You can also check that all dependencies are not broken by running Dependencies tool.
This can be done by following the guidelines at this link.

If this does not help, you can check if things are OK with SALOME 9.11 (use zip version)

If it still does not work, you need to share the output of setup command line BUT, before uploading the output to this forum, ensure that you don’t upload sensitive information)