SALOME 8.5.0: ParaViS does not work correctly inside Docker container

Hello everyone,
I’m building the Docker container for sufficiently old SALOME version - 8.5.0 (just because I need to dust off my old SALOME plugin). The base image is ubuntu:latest.
Everything is OK except ParaViS. When I activate the module, I do not see the window for ParaView view. When I run paraview command inside salome shell, I see “transparent” and freezing view in the main window (better to look into screenshot).
When I tried to build and run SALOME 8.5.0 in a usual way (without container), everything was perfect.
I’ll be very thankful for any suggestions!

I also put in the other screenshot the result for “glxgears -info” to show my OpenGL environment inside the container.