Rigt place to start build?

Looking through the SALOME documents and git repository, I am guessing that the place to start building SALOME is with a sat_salome (v9.11) tarball out of the repository.

If this a correct assumption, could someone direct me to some instructions as to how to do the build. I am assuming something should be done with the .pyconf file in the extracted tarball, but the README file with the extracted files only says this git repository “contains all SAT configurations files that define the SALOME project!” without any further instruction.

If my assumption that the sat_salome tarball is the staring point for the build is wrong, could someone direct me to the right place?



The last post was prompted by my not being able to submit a request through the download portal to get binary versions of SALOME. With help from Nabil, that problem has been solved and I now have universal and native binaries for my system and no longer need to build SALOME. So my last post can be ignored though I would be interested in whether or not I was on the right build track?


Donald Griswold

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