Removing edges that could ruin mesh


It is a common issue here and I read some posts about removing edges. However, I still have no clue how to solve it.

Figure-1 represents the problematic geometry, and Figure-2 is the mesh of it. As you know, Remove extra edges function does not work (at least not worked for me). If possible, I would like to know how to make it free from unnecessary edges and create a clean geometry.

I’m open to suggestions.

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If I am correct, it is not possible for your geometry,
for a spheric surface, you need an edge (it is called seam) that defines it, same for a cylinder, when you have ‘part’ of a sphere/cylinder, that you could define the complete geometry with the other edges, for example that it is intersected and therefore you have extra edges from the intersection you could remove them (using remove extra edges) but for a ‘complete’ sphere/cylinder you need the seam (as this will give the radius or height.
so you can not ‘remove’ them.
once this is clear, for your mesh you can solve this issue by using a 1D wire discretization/minimum length algorithm over the edges, I imagine that you have right now in automatic or in number of elements per edge so as your edge is really small you will have this issue.
next time I highly recommend you to upload the hdf/script of your case it helps the others to help you

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Hi Franco,

Thank you for the quick reply. Attached is a runnable .py file for creating geometry. The file contains descriptions of what the code does. (26.0 KB)

The geometry is a packed-bed type, and I am attempting to create a 2D mesh to extract it as an STL file for another process. I believe some coding modifications are needed to mesh with wire discretization, as the distribution of edge and face sizes is wide (this can be observed by running the code). As soon as I have refined the code, I will give it a try and share the results.

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