Re-mesh after modification

Hi all,
I’d like to know whether it is possible to remesh after modifying / deleting few volumes. Alternatively is it possible to create a mesh object not from a geometry but from a set of (meshed) groups?

Basically I’d like to understand whether it is possible to create a script that meshes (3D) with Viscous Layers that collapse at the end of the face (imagine a 3D wing, I’d like the inflation layer to collapse progressively when reaching the trailing edge).

To do so I though about the following procedure:

  1. Mesh the geometry and specify the 3D viscous layer of the first layer (in my example I rely on NETGEN).
  2. Remove all the tetras
  3. Remove all the pyramids
  4. Create boundaries (3D → 2D)
  5. Identify the top face(s) of the viscous layer (by filtering the boundaries which do not belong to the geometry and are TRIAS).
  6. Identify the lateral face of the viscous layer (by filtering the boundaries which are QUADs).
  7. Identify the “naked” (i.e. the part without volume elements on top), part of the geometry (e.g. the faces which had pyramids on top of them).
  8. Re-Mesh , only the void volume but this time the viscous 3D layer is the 2nd, and is to be applied to the cells identified in (5.).

Repeat 2. to 8. until the final inflation layer (viscous 3D Layer) is created. By using the GUI (but it should be fairly easy to automatize), I managed to do points 1. to 7.

Thanks! Any help / hint is highly appreciated!