Python script and C++ API

Hi all, I am currently working on a Salome project, especially on the Paravis Module.
I have a Table (developed into the GUI module of Salomé), and this table is appearing each time Paravis is activated.
The table is coded in C++, and each time I modify the cell inside the table, it runs a C++ function that runs a python script with :

<<system (“python /path/to/”)>>

Now, I want to run a special python script involving Paravis module. This script comes from the “Trace” from Paraview, and this script works fine on a “Macro”.

However I dont know how to run this script through the C++ event as mentionned before.
I want that when I modify the cells of my table, it runs a python script like in a Paravis/Paraview macro
Thanks for your help.