Projection of cylinder edges does not work


When projecting a cylinder, only the line marked in the image works. Extruded circular surfaces cannot be projected into a Sketch plane at all.
The designer can usually help himself with calculations. With a software update a change would be desirable.
Another wish: Can you make name changes of construction elements in the shaper also visible in the mesher?

With kind regards
cylinder_projection.hdf (28,8 KB)

Hello Luve,
I think you cannot project edges that are perpendicular to the plane of the sketch.
If you create the sketch in another plan it is working.

For example, if you create the sketch in XOY plan then the vertical edge cannot be projected but the circular ones yes.


Hello Fred

it was a random task. A cylindrical tube should be reinforced with ribs. This problem arose in the process.
The picture shows the application.
with kind regards

Eventhought this should be addressed in future version 100% with you in that. A work around for this (maybe I am not in my pc to test) is that you make your cylinder from a rectangle of heightsXradius and make a revolution to make it. This way you will be able to use the “height” of your cylinder from the sketch instead of the geometry itself.
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