Problems with line types

WIN 10
Salome 9.9.0
module shaper
I have a problem with the select of auxiliary lines.
I observe that wire does not distinguish between auxiliary lines and standard lines. Is this correct?
This problem has led me to wire to face errors.
2) The “projection” command has the option “Include into the sketch result”. This option is default. How can I make this option remain disabled (unchecked) as long as projection is still open?

I hope you can help me.

With kind regards

Auxiliary2wire.hdf (30,1 KB)


  1. If you select the Sketch_1 in the object browser (the feature or its result in Construction) in Wire, it will select all edges, excluding auxiliary edges.

  2. It requires a modification in the source code.

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Thank you Christophe for the answer. I think aux- lines should not be visible
or selectable outside the sketch.

Does software Salome also have a change to my problem no. 2?
It is currently annoying when deselect only applies to one single line and not
to the entire opening of projection.

With kind regards