Problems with launch Salome on Arch Linux (or rolling release linux)

Hello, your python script in Linux Universal package use hostname command. But, for example, in arch linux hostname is contained in the inetutils package and does not contain the --all-ip-addresses argument. For work, I commented out a section of the script with “hostname --all-ip-addresses”. Can we use ip command or another in script for more versatility and fewer dependencies?

from subprocess import check_output
          ips = check_output(['hostname', '--all-ip-addresses'])
          if ips.strip():
            ipDefault = ips.split()[0].decode()
            ip = check_output(['hostname', '--ip-address'])
            ipDefault = ip.split()[-1].decode()
Usage: hostname [-adfisy?V] [-F FILE] [--aliases] [--domain] [--fqdn] [--long]
            [--file=FILE] [--ip-addresses] [--short] [--yp] [--nis] [--help]
            [--usage] [--version] [NAME]


I cannot get SALOME to work on Arch either, but I can’t find this code in the python script to fix this. There are no useful errors produced by running the script, but I do get the splash screen before failure.

Following up on this. Should be noted that none of the instructions within the following links seem relevant. I cannot find recent instructions on how to get SALOME running on Arch.

Sorry that I cannot offer up error messages unique to me, if such error messages can be obtained I do not know how.

A) As a native Application

You can install and run Salome 9.9.0 (the latest currently) running on Arch Linux. However, you will be missing at least all the Entity features, like Explode. If you still want to try it out, follow these steps:

  1. Download and extract the Salome 9.9.0 universal binaries:
sudo curl --output /opt/SALOME-9.9.0.tar.gz

sudo tar -C /opt -xvf /opt/SALOME-9.9.0.tar.gz && sudo rm /opt/SALOME-9.9.0.tar.gz
  1. Change to your extracted SALOME-9.9.0 directory and give executable permissions to salome, mesa salome, and
sudo chmod 755 /opt/SALOME-9.9

sudo chmod 755 /opt/SALOME-9.9.0/ /opt/SALOME-9.9.0/salome /opt/SALOME-9.9.0/mesa_salome
  1. Create shortcuts in /usr/bin:
sudo ln -s /opt/SALOME-9.9.0/salome /usr/bin/salome
sudo ln -s /opt/SALOME-9.9.0/mesa_salome /usr/bin/mesa_salome
  1. Launch using one of the executables:
python3 mesa_salome


python3 salome

Note: If you see any errors indicating that a particular <library_name>.so is missing, search for it using

sudo pacman -Fy <library_name>.so

and install the package name that comes up (replace <library_name> with the library name from the error).

B) As a Docker Container

If you still have issues or missing features, I have created a docker image from Ubuntu 20:

  1. Install docker and start its service according to the Arch Wiki: Docker - ArchWiki
  2. Run
docker pull shivanandvp/salome
  1. Follow the instructions in the Readme to create an executable for launching the application. Anything that you save here will be erased unless you create and use a volume for storing files as below.
  2. Modify the run command in the executable to mount a volume so that you can save your data persistently. Save all your files under the volume’s mount point if you don’t want them to disappear.