【PLEASE HELP】Fench⇒English

Hello, I’m Shinya from Japan, Yokohama!
I’m very new to Salome meca.

Anyone know how to convert AsterStudy language from French to English??
I’ve already changed the language setting on AsterStudy and Salome to English.
(Ofcource, I restarted Salome after setting change)
However, French is displayed on [Edit command], so I can’t proceed my FEM as smooth as I thought.



Hello Shinya,
Code_Aster/Salome-Meca has its own forum

Maybe this subject can help you?
Otherwise please ask your question again there.

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Hi, fred. Nice to meet you.
In fact, I posted the same question right after this to the official forum you taught me and my question was solved.
Thank you so much!!