Permaculture Plugin Dev


Is there any interest in developing a permaculture-focused plugin for Salome? It is a unique challenge as currently, most comprehensive tools, such as Land Design (, are tied to high-cost platforms like AutoCAD or Rhino, which are often unattainable for small-scale farmers and individuals passionate about permaculture. This project aims to bridge that gap, creating a tool that could significantly enhance sustainable land management practices.

Permaculture is a holistic agricultural system that integrates land, resources, people, and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies. It mimics the no-waste, closed-loop systems seen in diverse natural ecosystems. Permaculture focuses on sustainable land use design, creating stable and productive environments. By promoting biodiversity, soil regeneration, and resource conservation, permaculture has the potential to significantly impact global sustainability. Its practices could lead to healthier ecosystems, improved food security, and reduced environmental impact, making it a vital approach for ecological and societal well-being in the medium term.

The support of developers in creating permaculture-focused tools is immensely valuable. Small-scale farmers, who play a critical role in feeding the world, are often overwhelmed with tasks and lack the time or expertise in graphic design or software development. By contributing their skills, developers can significantly lighten the load of these farmers. Their work in developing user-friendly, efficient software tools for sustainable farming practices will not only enhance the effectiveness of permaculture but also ease the burden on those who tirelessly work to maintain and nurture our ecosystems. By developing intuitive, accessible software for sustainable land management, their work can facilitate efficient permaculture design, helping practitioners optimize land use, conserve resources, and enhance ecosystem health. This technological support is crucial for expanding permaculture’s reach and impact, offering practical solutions to global environmental challenges.

An open source alternative would be a game-changer, offering accessible, cost-effective solutions.

Key Features for the Plugin:

  • Terrain Modeling: Essential for managing water flow and landscape design.

  • Plant Database: Detailed information on growth patterns, water needs, and compatibility.

  • Water Management Tools: Designing irrigation systems, ponds, and catchments.

  • Path and Area Planning: For efficient layout of paths, beds, and zones.

  • 3D Visualization: To aid in planning and presentations.

  • Sunlight Analysis: Optimize plant placement based on sunlight.

  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface suitable for those not skilled in software or graphic design.

  • Integration with Ecological Principles: Incorporating permaculture design principles.

  • Topography Analysis: Crucial for understanding land contours and drainage patterns.

  • Water Management: Advanced tools for designing efficient water systems, including rainwater harvesting and greywater use.

  • Building Placement: Strategic placement of structures based on environmental factors.

  • Energy Management: Tools for planning renewable energy sources and optimizing energy use.

  • Permaculture Principles Integration: Incorporating principles like waste recycling, natural building, and sustainable agriculture.

  • Self-Sufficiency Tools: Features to aid in achieving autonomy in food, water, and energy on a property.

In conclusion, this project presents an exciting opportunity for developers to contribute to sustainable agriculture and permaculture. By creating an open-source, Salome plugin, you’ll be addressing a crucial need for accessible, cost-effective landscaping tools. Your expertise could empower small-scale farmers and permaculture enthusiasts, helping them enhance land management, foster biodiversity, and promote environmental health. This venture is not just about software development; it’s about supporting a movement towards a more sustainable, self-sufficient future and making a tangible, positive impact on our planet. Your involvement could truly make a difference in this transformative field.

Thanks for reading so far! Hoping that you will be interested in this project!