Paravis freezes Salome

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to learn with Salome and its CFD module. After resolving problems with freshly installed Linux I successfully installed Code Saturne, Salome and cfd extension with youtube instruction (special thanks to Cyprien Rusu). Now I can run Saturne and Salome, work with it or withnout cfd module, but I find out that I can’t use Paravis (with or without cfd) - Salome freezes everytime [I could just “wait” or “force quit”(?)]. I tried to reinstall it, but it didn’t help. There’s nothing useful in the terminal for me that could help me - just two lines of text few second after clicking and freeze I don’t uderstand.
Any ideas?

to check if some useful tip can be provided can you tell what Linux distribution are you using (CentOS, Ubuntu, .).

Is it a virtual machine ?
Note that you can also try the universal binary with the MESA layer (mesa_salome), but you need to carefully read the README file.