ParaMEDMEMComponent.idl: No such file or directory (1.6 KB)

Obtained the error: ParaMEDMEMComponent.idl: No such file or directory


  1. Made an .so library on Ubuntu 22.04 using c++ via mpicxx (parallel)
  2. Then via the attached python script, used YACS-GEN to generate a Salome module from the library .so file
  3. Per the script, with g=Generator(Module(module,components=components,prefix=module_root_dir),
    context), during the g.make() step the above error was thrown
  4. The YACS-GEN script produced a file named, MATHEMATICS.idl.
  5. On line 11 of MATHEMATICS.idl, is: #include “ParaMEDMEMComponent.idl”
  6. However, during the g.make() step “ParaMEDMEMComponent.idl” could not be found.

Any clues out there as to how to remedy this?

Warm regards,


The same procedure as above worked for the serial build of the .so library file (non-parallel).

As a result, my question is how does one build the parallel version of Salome?

It appears I need to turn, “SALOME_USE_MPI” on and pass it as an option perhaps to:
$ROOT/sat/sat -t compile SALOME-9.10.0-native --make_flags (string)

But it is unclear how to do that. Anyone have a clue?

Using the following appears to get an mpi build of salome going:

export SALOME_USE_MPI=“1”
./sat -t compile SALOME-9.10.0-native --make_flags $SALOME_USE_MPI

However am experiencing a number of errors stating that items like hd5, kernel, and so on are not installed and as a result it does not complete the job successfully.

Anyone know how to simply build Salome with MPI on Ubuntu 22.04 by chance?